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Regular Bible study and prayer is the best way to begin having a real, growing, authentic relationship with God. This Morning Watch Calendar follows the Believe His Prophets Daily Bible Reading Guide for 2017. Each chapter has a study verse to be memorized as the Youth Morning Watch verse of the day. Remember and pray His Word in your life every day. “I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” (Psalm 119:11, NIV)

Morning Watch 2017
 TitleDescriptionSize Clicks
2017-Q1 Morning Watch Calendar Daily Bible Reading Guide for Q1-2017287.93 KBDownload768
2017-Q2 Morning Watch CalendarDaily Bible Reading Guide for Q2-2017125.87 KBDownload863
Morning Watch 2009-2016
 TitleDescriptionSize Clicks
2009 Morning Watch CalendarReprint of the 1909 morning watch calendar576.55 KBDownload161
2010 Morning Watch CalendarReprint of the 1910 morning watch calendar271.97 KBDownload128
2011 Morning Watch Calendar*Unavailable* Reprint of the 1911 morning watch calendarUnknownDownload0
2012 Morning Watch CalendarReprint of the 1912 morning watch calendar100.33 KBDownload131
2013 Morning Watch CalendarReprint of the 1913 Morning Watch Calendar407.90 KBDownload126
2014 Morning Watch CalendarReprint of the 1914 Morning Watch Calendar429.66 KBDownload131
2015 Morning Watch CalendarReprint of the 1915 Morning Watch Calendar53.61 KBDownload136
2016 Morning Watch CalendarReprint of the 1916 Morning Watch Calendar56.95 KBDownload169
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We are a global movement of destiny, united in purpose and mission, yet diverse in culture, language, geography, economy, and heritage. It is through the power of Christ and His Spirit that we can celebrate our unity in the midst of such diversity. In a world of ethnic and national divide, this exquisite expression of unity in Jesus is the most powerful expression of the reality of the gospel in the midst of God’s people.

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