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Fruit Growing

Category: Outdoor Industries

Level: Level 2

Year Introduced: 1929

Honor Code: YOU5620

Originating Institution: General Conference


1.     Why are fruit trees grafted?
2.     What does hardiness mean?
3.     What site and soil conditions are required to grow three of the following:
a.                  Apples
b.                 Peaches
c.                  Pears
d.                  Plums
e.                  Cherries
f.                  Oranges
g.                  An equivalent choice
4.     What is a dwarf fruit tree, and how is it dwarfed?
5.     Plant at least two fruit trees and train them by pruning for at least two seasons, or train and prune an existing tree. With supervision fertilize and spray as needed for one growing season. Show an example of harvested fruit to your examiner.
6.     Answer the following questions?
a.                  What is pollination?
b.                 What is a pollinator?
c.                  Which trees need a pollinator?
7.     How are young trees protected from rodent damage? 
8.     Compare the qualities of flavor, texture, and appearance of two different varieties of the same fruit.



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