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Category: Arts, Crafts, & Hobbies

Level: Level 1

Year Introduced: 2013

Honor Code:

Originating Institution: North American Division: NAD


  1. Relate briefly the story of the beginning of the postcards in your country.
  2. How was your country’s postal system affected by the coming of postcards?
  3. What are the mailing rates for postcards and letters in your country?
  4. What is the term used in your country for postcards collecting?
  5. Give a brief description of each of the following eras of postcards:
    1. Pre-postcard era
    2. Pioneer era
    3. Private mailing card era
    4. Undivided back era
    5. Divided back era
    6. Early modern era (White Border)
    7. Linen card era
    8. Photo chrome era
  6. Briefly describe each type of postcards:
    1. View cards
    2. Greeting cards
    3. Historical cards
    4. Art cards
    5. Photographic cards
  7. Show and label a picture of a postcard from each of the above eras.
  8. Have some knowledge of preserving postcards.
  9. Make a collection of at least 50 postcards. (No two postcards alike.) Your collection MUST include the following:
    1. Begin your arrangement with a postcard of a religious nature
    2. Postcards from at least 10 states/provinces/countries
    3. Postcards from at least 2 other countries that are not your own
  10. Arrange the collection of postcards in a suitable display and display at a pathfinder’s event.
  11. How were greetings sent in Biblical times? 2 Cor 13:13, Phil 4:21 or 2 John 13.



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