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More than 10,000 youth, pastors and youth leaders flocked to the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City, Manila on February 23 for a one-day worship program and mass baptism. The event capped the Power of One (P1) Youth Summit, a week-long youth evangelism series led by Pastor Jonatan Tejel, world church pathfinder director, and Dr. Hiskia Missah, associate youth director for the world church. The nightly revival meetings were held in two locations: Pasay English Church in the capital city of Manila with Tejel, and Santa Rosa, Laguna (south-central Luzon province) with Missah.Preparation for this dual-campaign began in February 2012 with a challenge for Filipino youth to make friends with non-Adventist youth as the first step in evangelism. During the second phase of the program, Adventist youth invited their new friends to the Voice of Youth spiritual retreat where some accepted Jesus as their personal Savior at the end of the year. Both Adventist and non-Adventist friends were encouraged to then attend the Power of One series.

As a result of the enthusiasm and efforts of these youth, a multitude of participants from across the Philippines joined the Saturday morning celebration and witnessed 1,074 people receive Christ into their lives through baptism in the afternoon.
In addition to the worship service and baptisms, youth had the opportunity to do their own evangelism. They were invited to help distribute five thousand copies of the book The Great Hope (Ang Dakilang Pag-asa in Tagalog) to the people they met as they took to the city streets of Pasay near the Astrodome.

Pastor Jobbie Yabut, youth director for the church in the southern-Asia pacific region, commented on the significance of the day. "This is the first time a church event of two Adventist conference territories in northern Philippines filled up an astrodome to its capacity," he shared. "It's work done for and by the youth and I'm proud of them."

Youth were equally thrilled about both the day and the week-long meetings. Jinia Yanez exclaimed, "I got to hear and experience God's love again. I can feel that the little light of mine is now shining brighter again and I want to share it with others .The Power of One Youth Summit was truly a reviving event. I realized that it's time to get out of the box and overcome the fears and hindrances for true discipleship. At the CLAY Summit I experienced that no matter what it takes, I want to be a disciple of Christ. The hope Christ had left us is truly a great power for us to keep following Him."

A Santa Rosa youth reflected on the recent youth events and noted that "The CLAY Youth Summit in Baguio and the P1 day at the Cuneta Astrodome are one of a kind experiences. It's good to see the youth participate in proclaiming God's love. It has inspired me to be more active and support church activities for soul winning in whatever means I can give. I have realized that indeed there is really strength in young people and they should be trained become gospel workers."

Prior to the Power of One event, over 500 youth and supportive adults attended the CLAY Youth Summit in Baguio City, Philippines from February 13-16. Christ Living in Adventist Youth, or CLAY as it was known, emphasized the analogy that we are clay formed by the Master Potter, Christ.

Youth attended a variety of training sessions at CLAY. As part of this empowering program, youth also volunteered for clean-up drives and community service projects. These activities were intentionally provided to prepare Filipino Adventist youth for the March 16 Global Youth Day during which Adventist youth world-wide are to participate in community service projects and promote their activities via social media so others may join.

A 3rd World Youth Conference and Community Service is scheduled for Pretoria, South Africa on July 8-13.

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