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Schedule a Health Screening on GYD – March 16, 2013


On Sabbath March 16, 2013 GYD will have a global Blood Drive. While we would like to have everyone participate in this incentive, we are aware that for varying reasons persons may not be able to participate in the blood drive. We are asking that those who will not take part in the blood drive initiative arrange to do a mini-health fair during the time of the blood drive focus. Below are ideas of the different things you can do to positively impact your community on this day.


q  Blood Pressure Screening

q  Glaucoma Screening

q  Diabetes Screening

q  Vision Screening

q  Dental Screening

q  Lung Capacity Screening

Tips in planning your Mini-Health Fair

q  Invite hospitals, clinics, and other health care providers to partner with you.

q  Look for local chapters of national health organizations and invite them to the event

q  Partner with other churches. This will increase your attendance.

q  Ask local and national health organizations for free literature that you can distribute

q Advertise your event.

·        Place the event details prominently on your website.

·        Mail flyers four weeks in advance.

·        Put it in Church, schools, and community newsletters, post flyers in the bathroom stalls for community schools and workplaces

·        Take advantage of social media. Send tweets. Put it on Facebook and ask your Facebook friends to spread the word.

·        Remind people the day before the event. (email, Facebook, tweet, public service announcement, etc.)


Maintaining Contact after the event

Collect attendees contact information as they arrive at the event. Have a registration table at each entrance, and have each participant fill out a short form or card with blanks that requests all the data you need to track. Keep the form as short as possible but be sure to ask for what you need to stay in touch. Generally, name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address should be sufficient.


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