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Report on Mission Caleb Congresses, By Hiskia Missah


February 17 to 22, 2012: Together with Jorge Rampogna, Director of the Youth Ministries Department of the Argentina Union Conference, I visited three cities to meet with the Argentinian Calebs. In Buenos Aires, nine new Calebs were invested and four people were baptized as the results of Calebs’ efforts. In Tucuman City, we met with 800 Adventists and Calebs worshipping the Lord in a local meeting place. On Sabbath afternoon, sixty-four people were baptized as the result of the work of the Caleb Mission. After the baptism, more than fifty people moved forward as a response to the altar call.
The Calebs donated blood and distributed La Gran Esperanza books (The Great Controversy) to the people they met on the street, in malls, and in homes. In the city of El Calafate, 400 Calebs gathered for their congress. They distributed 5,000 La Gran Esperanza books to all the homes in a city where there are only ten Adventists and no Adventist church exists. They plan that after the distribution of these books, in one year’s time they will build an SDA church in this town. Jorge Rampogna said that this year is a special year for the Calebs in Argentina because during the first two months of this year, the Calebs have helped bring 135 souls into the kingdom of God. This is almost triple the amount of baptisms they have had during the first two months of previous years.
On February 22, Areli Barbosa and I flew to Lima, Peru to attend the combined Caleb Congress of both the South and North Peru Union Missions. Areli Barbosa said that at present there are 50,000 Calebs in SAD; more than 20,000 Calebs came from all over Peru to participate in this congress. They flooded the city of Lima with their community service projects. They planted 12,000 trees and built sixty simple wooden homes donated by ADRA for the needy families. They also built one SDA church and 1,500 of them donated their blood to the five hospitals in Lima. They distributed thousands of La Gran Experanza books, meeting people on the street and helping them to read and answer questions. They also conducted Bible study groups and public evangelistic meetings.
General Conference Vice President Elder Armando Miranda was present and participated in the Caleb projects, and he was amazed to see what the Peruvian Calebs were doing, sacrificing their vacation time to serve their God and their country. 
More than 22,000 people gathered at the closing ceremony to listen to Elder Ted Wilson, General Conference President, give his encouraging recorded message.  Elder Erton Kohler, SAD President, also gave his closing message. It was a very successful and world-class program. At the end of this congress, they elected Margarito, the tallest man of Peru, whose height is 7 feet 5.8 inches tall, as the tallest Caleb member in the World.
Thanks to God for His blessings upon all the Calebs in Peru and thanks to the administration and staff of both South and North Peru Union Missions for their full participation and support. Salute to Javier Cahuana and Antonio Villafuerte, Youth Directors of South and North Peru Union Missions respectively and all their counterparts in the conferences and missions for the success of this congress.


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