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Young Adult Delegates Reflect on Annual Council 2011

Stefan Giuliani, EUD

When I was asked whether I would be willing to be a delegate for the General Conference Executive Committee, I had no idea such a committee even existed and that it convened every year. After giving it some thought, I decided to accept. It turned out to be a good decision since being at the 2011 Annual Council was a great experience. Even though understanding the background of all the topics that are discussed is somewhat difficult when you are there for the first time, I gained insight into our worldwide church that I find encouraging and valuable. It was good to see global initiatives that give a feeling of worldwide unity and cooperation and the spiritual focus of our leadership. I am grateful for the opportunity I had and I am very much looking forward to returning for the 2012 Annual Council.

Shirley Fleming, IAD

When I received the phone call notifying me about my nomination to the General Conference Committee, I felt honored. When I received my official letter, I was speechless! Little 'ole me - a member of the World Church Executive Committee? Who would have thought!! I thank God daily for His blessings and for allowing me to hold such a position in His church. Even though we had to sit through meetings practically all day, I enjoyed every second at Annual Council. Seeing all the different nationalities united in one place reminded me of the fact that we are all ONE in Christ. At first, I felt so "small" among all those "big" persons, but at the end of it all, I realized that we are all on the same level and each has a voice in the decisions that are made. My knowledge increased as I listened to the different departments give their reports and as I saw and heard how church business is conducted. It excited me to hear of all the upcoming projects for the next five years, especially the Mission to the Cities. I thank God for giving President Wilson the vision to carry out this project. On top of all that, it was wonderful meeting people from other countries and getting to know those in your Division who you were not familiar with. I am excited and looking forward to attending Annual Council next year.
Elena Bondarenko, ESD
I really thank God for the great opportunity to attend the Annual Council meetings in 2010 and in 2011. I used to ask God, why I am here? I am just a typical young woman! Now I know He loves me and wants to save me. I have known Him all my life, but I became too busy for Him. So He brought me here to stop me in my path and turn my heart and my ears toward Him. For me the Annual Council is not just business meetings; no, it is much more – it is a special time to draw nearer to my Lord. I was impressed by the witnesses of God’s servants, missionaries. I saw the spirit of humbleness and respect among brothers when they discussed some complicated questions. The new vision of our leaders to go to cities has touched me. I have seen God leading His people. He has given us a special work. I do not want to stay aside when He can use me to do something great. 
Adwoa Asamoah, WAD     
This year's Annual Council was very eventful. During the Sabbath worship, the World President made a call, awakening all to the importance of urban evangelism. This was embraced by all present, as it bordered on an important facet of our calling as Seventh-Day Adventists, but has for been neglected for some time now, thus relegating Adventism to the rural and less urban societies to the detriment of the urban dwellers and the neglect of Adventists in the urban centers. The Annual Council also featured the realignment of some Unions and Divisions to meet some political and geographical demands and demarcations, which called for the interpretation of some policy provisions. It can be said that this year's Annual Council saw the direction of the Holy Spirit as promised by Jesus when He was leaving this earth. I pray that leaders and members alike allow Christ to direct the paths for His Church, and we shall want for nothing.
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